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Aprender español es muy divertido Learning Spanish is fun?
Here at Habla Español we make every effort to ensure that as well as learning Spanish you have fun at the same time. The ability for you brain to absorb and retain information is much more effective when you are relaxed and happy.

Some basic Spanish to get you started?

The most common phrase you will hear and use everyday is:
Hello. How are you?
¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?

Strictly there are different ways you can say this depending upon the age of the person you are greeting or how well you know them. However, the majority of the time you will here the greeting above used.

OK so that was actually quite easy and you now know how to greet someone. Let's take things a little further now and look at some possible replies. It's all well and good asking how someone is but it will be slightly embarassing if they say "not good" and you stand there grinning and nodding politely because you had no idea what they just said.

Very well thanks!
¡Muy bien, gracias!

We have created a page to help you at the supermarket and a page to help you at a restaurant. Below are some other genral phrases that you will find useful.

At the Supermarket
At the restaurant/cafe

Good morning
Buenos días

Good afternoon
Buenas tardes

Good night
Buenas noches


See you later / until later
Hasta luego

Thank you

Not at all / you are welcome
De nada

Where is the ...?
¿Donde está la / el...?

Is there a bank near here
¿Hay un banco cerca de aquí?

How much?
¿Cuánto es?

I am sorry
¡Lo siento!